Glitter; I roll my eyes at the mess but at the same time I just love it – who doesn’t love a bit of sparkle? Back in the 90s (and now I am showing my age) glitter gel was part of my make-up kit when we went out, but now I have pre-schoolers, glitter equals mess. The good news is clean-up is only a vacuum or damp cloth away.

I was torn when I started to think about adding glitter to Dough Queen’s brand. I started looking for edible glitter so our dough could remain non-toxic, however most edible glitters are water soluble and dissolved in the dough. I ended up with sticky dough that wasn’t sparkly at all!

I returned to the drawing board and found enough types and shapes of glitter to fill a swimming pool. As I worked through my options I learnt most glitter was made of tiny pieces of plastic and/or metal.

Around this time, news articles caught my attention about plastic rubbish making its way into our oceans and suddenly I started to see disposable plastic all around me. I started recycled my flexible plastic waste (I drop mine at Pak’N’Save but you can find details about other businesses supporting this initiative here, but could I do more?

Glitter is classed as a ‘micro-plastic’ in the same vein as micro beads found in cosmetics. Recently a NZ expert said Glitter was more of a problem than cosmetic microbeads. These little pieces of plastic don’t break down in the environment, and worse they reflect light to attract wildlife to eat them. My next best idea dawned on me – if I can’t get edible, maybe I can do environmentally friendly? Because to be honest you’re hardly going to go pick up glitter and recycle it, are you?

So, after MORE sleuthing on the internet I found our happy ending; BioGlitter is made by a company in the UK, it’s biodegradable in sea and waste water, will compost, is cosmetic grade, not tested on animals and is not harmful to the environment. The only downside is it’s not for consumption, so we recommend that if you buy our BioGlitter then your child should be over 3 years old – hopefully by then they have learned not to eat play dough!

Pixie Dust Gold

Shimmering Silver

Royal Twinkle Blend

Happy sparkles

DQ xxx

Twinkle Twinkle and Plastic Guilt

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