When I first started out DQ I thought I’d just do dough, especially seeing as there’s already a rather big play dough brand with a LOT of accessories. My passion was in the dough I played with in my childhood.

Fast forward to my first market with General Collective – we offered to donate some dough to the kids activity tables (one of the BEST things about GC markets). We had a few cheap plastic play dough toys knocking around home, so I added them with the dough on the tables. The market was really busy, as you’d expect with General Collective, and the kids tables didn’t let up – it looked like a play dough bomb had gone off by the end of the day (sorry Rose).

From my stall I watched as kids enthusiastically played with our dough, creating, rolling, sculpting, pushing and pulling. Those cheap plastic toys were also getting a work out and I realised my play dough is like ice cream without cones or sprinkles – great by itself but sometimes needing just a little bit extra; I needed accessories!

I’ve always been firm that I didn’t want a cheap, mass produced product made in an unknown factory from unknown ingredients. I needed locally sourced, natural hand made accessories to complement my play dough and the Dough Queen brand.

Over the following few weeks I talked to a LOT of people about various options (some are still in the pipeline – stay tuned) and learnt quite a few things, mostly about wood turning. I talked to people throughout NZ about the craft and whether they could do what I had in mind. Eventually after lots of discussions I found my wood artist and have had to button my lip for over a month (those that know me will know how challenging that was!) about my new arrivals.

I’m so pleased with our little DQ rolling pins. They are made from rimu that has been recycled through Reclaimed Timber Traders. Just like our dough, each pin is hand made (thanks Helen and Mike) and completely unique. These rolling pins reflect the value of our New Zealand heritage and, with care, we hope will be treasured for generations to come.

Get yours here …

DQ xxx


Accessories make everything better ….

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