There’s more to know about play dough than you would think – I hope we have answered most of them, but if you want to know something more feel free to email me on the Contact Us Page.


What do you mean your play dough is non-toxic?

That term is used a lot, so I’m going to outline what I mean. We use food grade ingredients, nothing that you wouldn’t find in most people’s kitchens. I’ve said our dough is non-toxic because if you (or our little customers) eat it you don’t need to call the Poisons Line or go to the Doctor. The only bad thing that might happen is that it will taste terrible – it’s not made to taste good!

Do you do gluten-free or other allergen free doughs?

The short answer is Yes. Gluten Free is available now – click here. If you have requests about other allergy free play doughs please email us on our Contact Us Page.

My children have allergies – what doesn’t DQ’s original Natural Play Dough contain?

It is dairy free, egg free and nut free. 

Why 500g packs? Will you do smaller or larger packs?

When I first had my daughter I realised more was definitely better when it came to my toddler’s creativity. I know I like to get good handfuls when I am working on being creative. If you’d like custom size packs please email us and we’ll see what we can do.

I want a particular colour that you don’t have – will you do more colours on request?

Yes – we will. We have our stock standard colours, but we’ll also have special one-off colours that turn up from time to time. If you have a request just drop us a line and we will see what we can do!

Why does my dough have a Best Before date?

Our play dough is a fresh product. It was likely made shortly after or just before you ordered it. We don’t use commercial preservatives so just like anything you buy fresh it doesn’t last forever.

How do I store my play dough to make it last longer?

After being played with roll it all up in a big ball and put it back in its sealed pouch or an air tight container. Store it in the pantry or cupboard, NOT in the fridge (this will make it slimy).

Our play dough has been left out and has dried – what do I do?

This depends on how long you have left it out – more than an hour and in small pieces you may have to get a new pack. If it’s a big piece then you can cut off the dried areas (it will form a crust that isn’t too hard to remove) and store as recommended.

Do I store my  play dough in the fridge?

NO! This will make your dough go all slimy – keep it in a sealed container in a cupboard or the pantry.

I’ve noticed some black and white specks in my dough – what are they?

Nothing to be concerned about. Those occasional specks come from the anti-caking ingredient in the salt we use. 

Someone has walked the play dough into our carpet – how do I get it out?

Put a bowl or a colander over the affected area – this will stop people stepping on it and grinding it in further. While it is tempting to try and clean it straight away, leave it to dry, preferably overnight. Then take a blunt utensil (like a butter knife) and run it over the carpet. The dough should come free in pieces that you can vacuum. What you can’t remove gently sponge.

What area is deemed to be the local Auckland region for shipping?

Our courier (Pass the Parcel) deems everywhere south of Orewa and north of Tuakau as the local Auckland region.

I’ve ordered more than 8 packs of Play Dough – but there is no shipping option available. What do I do?

First of all – well done for ordering more than 8 packs (we love you!). We’ll see the order come through and contact you directly about your shipping options or you can email us if you get there first.

You say your play dough is “natural” – what does that mean?

When we use the word natural we mean where possible we only use ingredients that are grown and processed without the help of synthetic processes. 

What should I do if my child decides to eat your play dough that has BioGlitter in it?

BioGlitter are tiny pieces of cellulose film and these are listed as non-toxic. However to be safe we recommend seeking medical advice. For this reason we recommend that BioGlitter is only for children over the age of 3 years.