We launched our Gluten Free range late last year, but life gets a little hectic sometimes and to be honest writing doesn’t come naturally to me – if you’ve met me I’m definitely a talker rather than a writer!!!

Gluten free has always been a goal, but as I quickly discovered being able to say a product was gluten free wasn’t as straightforward as removing wheat flour from the mix. I’ve never attempted to be gluten free, but have been around others that are – you quickly learn that gluten lurks in many things. Watching a gluten free adult order from a restaurant menu is one thing, but keeping a child gluten free adds an extra layer of difficulty. Part of my motivation to create this dough was to remove some of the difficulty for those parents trying to do the best for their kids.

To be able to state “Gluten Free” on a product in New Zealand we needed to pass independent lab testing that ensures there is no detectable gluten present, which means no more than 3 parts per million. Now technically play dough isn’t food, however anyone that has been around small children knows they do not limit what they put in their mouths!

I had two main aims when I created this dough:

1) Safe for those that can’t tolerate gluten
2) Feels and smells just like our original play dough.

In order to achieve those goals we have a separate area where our GF dough is made, with a completely separate set of tools and utensils. All of my equipment has either never touched gluten or has been thoroughly cleaned (I channeled a few OCD tendencies). Once I found I had the right texture and recipe (we use rice and corn flour), I then had a tense 10 day wait for our lab results to return before I knew I had achieved a true Gluten Free product.

So, its been a little journey, but I love learning new things and we hope that having our Gluten Free option available will ensure no one misses out on the fun that is DQ Play Dough. If you have any questions regarding our GF dough or have children with other allergies please just drop us a line at doughqueen@outlook.com.

DQ xxx

Gluten Free All The Way Baby!

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