To ensure you get the best out of your DQ Dough and our Accessories please follow the Care Instructions below:

Natural Play Dough Care:

  • Do not store play dough in the fridge
  • Store in DQ pouch or in airtight container out of direct sunlight
  • If dough becomes sticky lightly dust with standard flour and knead
  • Return to pouch or container after play has finished to ensure dough does not dry out.

DQ Rimu Rolling Pins Care

  • Clean off any excess play dough – this will prevent it from adhering to the rolling pin surface. If the dough has dried you can easily scrape it off. Just be sure to scrape at an angle in a smooth, downward motion to avoid gouging the rolling pin.
  • Wipe the rolling pin clean. With a warm damp cloth or soft brush remove any remaining residue. No soap should be necessary — it strips the natural oils from the wood, drying out your rolling pin. However if you do need to use soap, make sure you rinse thoroughly afterwards. Never leave the rolling pin soaking in water or place it in the dishwasher, as this can cause the wood to swell, warp, or crack.
  • Dry thoroughly. Use a dry tea towel to remove excess moisture then set the rolling pin aside to dry completely before storing. Avoid placing in direct sunlight as this may lead to warping or cracking.
  • Oil the rolling pin. Periodically re-oil your rolling pin to keep the wood well conditioned, increasing its longevity. Re-oiling is only necessary if the wood appears to be drying out. To re-oil, apply a small amount of rice bran oil and rub into the entire surface with a paper towel or soft cloth. Leave the oil on the surface for an hour or so, reapplying if necessary, to allow the oil to absorb into the rolling pin completely. Once done, wipe off any excess oil and return to storage. Avoid using other cooking oils (including olive oil) as these may go rancid over time.