Natural, Non-Toxic, Fresh and NZ made ….

When I was younger (a lot younger) one of the best memories of my childhood is my Mum making us play dough. We would pick which colour we wanted and then get to play with it straight from the stove while it was nice and warm. Even now the smell of warm play dough makes me smile.

A single batch of Mum’s play dough would give all 3 kids heaps to play with and, as long as we put it away when we had finished, it lasted ages.

When I became a Mum my eldest was given some commercial play dough as a present. I quickly realised just how much dough a toddler ‘required’ to harness all her creative energy. As she grew I then watched anything and everything go in her mouth, so I knew I needed something all natural with no hidden chemicals or additives.

So I hunted out my Mum’s recipe and made some of my own.

Something you learn when you start a new job (especially parenting) is the number of different ways something can be done successfully. I watched friends stay-at-home and amaze me with their never-ending stream of creative and educational activities. I watched others that seemed to juggle full time jobs, new businesses and several small children in a single bound and  realised everyone played to their strengths and worked extra hard on their weaknesses trying to be the best parent they could. In particular I was inspired by one mother who provides a service that saves precious time for hard working parents. I thought that was an awesome idea and along with the reasons above I decided to start Dough Queen to allow parents to have fresh, natural, non-toxic play dough without worry, fuss and hassle.

We hope you enjoy playing with it as much as we enjoy making it.

DQ (a.k.a Claire) xxxDSC_2985